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Next Steps  

Estate Planning


Before scheduling an initial telephone conference or Zoom meeting, we will send you an Estate Planning Questionnaire to complete to the best of your ability.  


After we receive your completed Estate Planning Questionnaire (and your current estate planning documents, if any), we will schedule an initial telephone conference or Zoom meeting to discuss your estate planning goals. 

After our discussion, we will prepare and send you initial drafts of your estate planning documents for your review.  We will answer any questions that you may have, make any necessary revisions, finalize the documents for your signature, and then schedule an in-person signing and notarization meeting .  

We will provide a detailed letter with instructions about funding your trust (if created), designating beneficiaries on accounts, and things to keep in mind for the future.

Trust Administration 

We will need to review the decedent's current estate planning documents before the initial trust administration telephone conference or Zoom meeting with the trustee.   


We will provide further information regarding next steps after our review of the estate planning documents.

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