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Estate Planning

If you do not have any current estate planning documents, we offer a complimentary initial Zoom meeting or telephone conference.

If you already have existing estate planning documents that need updating, there will be a flat fee for our review and analysis of your current estate planning documents and our initial Zoom meeting or telephone conference.

We typically prepare estate planning documents for a flat fee that is determined after our initial Zoom meeting or telephone conference based on your individualized circumstances and goals.  The flat fee includes preparation of the initial estate planning document drafts, a follow up telephone conference or Zoom meeting, if necessary, revisions to the drafts, and an in-person signing and notarization meeting.  There is an additional cost to transfer real estate into your trust (which includes recording fees).  The flat fee model is ideal for predictability and transparency.  

Trust Administration

The initial trust administration Zoom meeting or telephone conference is typically a flat fee.

All additional time spent on the trust administration will be billed at our hourly rate.  Each trust administration is different, and it is not possible to predict how much time it will take to complete from the outset, so billing at our hourly rate is the most fair arrangement for all parties.

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